Kristi Tredway (forthcoming). Social Activism in Women’s Tennis: Generations of Politics and Cultural Change. Under contract with Routledge; expected delivery date of July 2019.

Kristi Tredway (forthcoming). Intersectionality and Articulation: Epistemological Overlaps. Under contract with Lexington Books; expected delivery date of May 2020.

Refereed Journal Articles

Kristi Tredway (forthcoming). Serena Williams and (the Perception of) Violence: Intersectionality, the Performance of Blackness, and Women’s Professional Tennis. Ethnic and Racial Studies.

Kristi Tredway (forthcoming). Rainbow Flags Over Margaret Court Arena: Commemoration vs. Grassroots LGBTQ Social Activism at the Australian Open Tennis Championships. Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture, 10(1/2).

Kristi Tredway (2018). Engaging Students of Intersectionality Through Sports Media: Using Women’s Tennis to Teach the Matrix of Domination. Teaching Media Quarterly, special issue on Intersectionality and Media, 6(2), p. 1-8. [pdf]

Kristi Tredway & Rita Liberti (2018). “‘All Frocked Up in Purple’: Rosie Casals, Virginia Slims, and the Politics of Fashion at Wimbledon, 1972.” Fashion, Style & Popular Culture, 5(2); p. 235-247. [pdf]

Kristi Tredway (2016). “‘The Leaning Tower of Pizzazz’: Ted Tinling, Couturier for the Women’s Professional Tennis Revolution.” Fashion, Style & Popular Culture, 3(3), p. 295-312. [pdf]

Kristi Tredway (2014). “Judith Butler Redux — The Heterosexual Matrix and the Out Lesbian Athlete: Amélie Mauresmo, Gender Performance, and Women’s Professional Tennis.” Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 41(2), p. 163-176. [pdf]
→ Ranked #1 on the top-20 most-read articles list for the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport.

Book Chapters

Kristi Tredway (2019). “The Original 9, Women’s Lob Feminism, and the Social Movement That Launched Women’s Professional Tennis, 1968-1973.” In S. Wagg, C. Osborne, & R. Lake (eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Tennis: History, Culture and Politics, London: Routledge.

Kristi Tredway (2018). “The Performance of Blackness and Femininity in Postfeminist Times: Visualizing Serena Williams Within the Context of Corporate Globalization.” In K. Toffoletti, H. Thorpe & J. Francombe-Webb (eds.), New Sporting Femininities: Embodied Politics in Postfeminist Times, London: Palgrave. [pdf]

Kristi Tredway (2018). “Judith Butler, Feminism and the Sociology of Sport.” In L. Mansfield, J. Caudwell, R. Watson & B. Wheaton (eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Feminisms in Sport, Leisure and Physical Education, London: Palgrave.

Other Publications

Kristi Tredway, (2016). “Charging the Net: Social Activism in Women’s Professional Tennis.” Doctoral Dissertation, University of Maryland.

Kristi Tredway, (2001). “A Nation of the Plains: The Religious Nationalism of the Lakota, 1851-1890.” Master’s Thesis, University of Colorado.


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