Alumna Update from Women & Gender Studies at CU Boulder

The Women & Gender Studies department at the University of Colorado, my undergraduate department, has just published an alumna update on me in their latest newsletter.  I am honored to be a CU Women Studies alum!  Check out the article at:

Continued public intellectualism

On July 19, my letter to the editor was published in the New York Times.  I was responding to the piece that Ben Rothenberg wrote on body image and women’s tennis, “Tennis’s Top Women Balance Body Image With Ambition.”  Shortly after its publication, the article was attacked by feminists and sociologists as being racist andContinue reading “Continued public intellectualism”

Foray Into Public Intellectualism

On June 6, 2014, Emma Span published an op-ed in the New York Times titled, “Is Softball Sexist?” In this piece, Span asserts that softball is a distinctly different sport than baseball and that there is no inherent need for girls to be pushed out of baseball and into softball. However, she warns that thereContinue reading “Foray Into Public Intellectualism”