Publication in Fashion, Style & Popular Culture

My article, ‘The Leaning Tower of Pizzazz’: Ted Tinling, Couturier for the Women’s Professional Tennis Revolution.”, has been published in Fashion, Style & Popular Culture — volume 3, issue 3 (the October 2016 issue), p. 295-312. This article has been available electronically since July, 2016.

Photographs from the article, including photographs of a few Tinling-created dresses, can be viewed on the Fashion, Style & Popular Culture‘s Facebook page.


#1 Most-Read Article for the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport

At some point late in 2015, my article, “Judith Butler Redux — The Heterosexual Matrix and the Out Lesbian Athlete: Amélie Mauresmo, Gender Performance, and Women’s Professional Tennis,” became the #1 most-read article for the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport.  I am so excited!  And I am proud of this little article!  Screenshot 2016-01-13 18.30.48