Visiting Assistant Professor at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Second Year

After teaching exclusively for the Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program at St. Mary’s College of Maryland last year, this year I am branching out across campus.  During the fall term, I am teaching “Introduction to Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies” for the third consecutive term, and also “The Female Athlete” as part of the collection of core courses that incoming freshman are required to take.  In the spring, I will be teaching “Sport and Social Activism” for the African and African Diaspora Studies Program.  This class will be tied to intersectionality so that we can view the linkages between, say, the “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match and NFL players taking a knee to protest social inequality. Last year, I had the opportunity to build the “Introduction to Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies” course as well as create a course on “Black Feminisms.”


Teaching in Spring 2017

I will be teaching two courses for the Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program at St. Mary’s College of Maryland in the spring: Introduction to Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, which I created the syllabus for and taught this fall (2016), and Black Feminisms, a course that I will be creating from the ground up.  I am very excited to be teaching these courses!

Visiting Assistant Professor of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at St. Mary’s College of Maryland

I am excited to be a Visiting Assistant Professor of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at St. Mary’s College of Maryland for the 2016-2017 academic year.  In this position, I will teach Introduction to Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies for the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program while also continuing with writing and publishing my research.

Fall 2015 Teaching Evaluation

Teaching evaluations are in for the course, “Women, Sport and Culture,” that I taught last fall.  I created the entire course and this was my second time teaching it.  My overall teaching evaluation score (3.59) was higher than the departmental averages (3.28) and the university averages (3.32) for faculty and lead instructors during the fall 2015 term.  Of note are the comments that students wrote.  I especially enjoyed reading that students felt comfortable in class discussing what could have been contentious topics.  It’s always important for me to set up the classroom from the start where, for the most part, students can say and ask anything.

Teaching Evaluation Fall 2015You can read the complete evaluation by clicking here.

Teaching “Women, Sports and Culture”

I am teaching “Women, Sports and Culture,” a senior-level course for the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Maryland, this semester.  From the description:

“This course will offer an overview of contemporary cultural issues in women’s sports. Topics that will be covered are the controversial nature of sex verification, gender and female bodily comportment, Title IX, the Battle of the Sexes, media representations of female athletes, nationalism, the Olympics, dis/abilities, race and intersectionality, and lesbian and transgender issues. This course is a writing-intensive course with most of the major assignments being linked to parts of the larger final paper.”

Unfortunately for those not enrolled and wish to be, this course is already over-enrolled; however, given the enrollment numbers, it should be offered again soon.

Feel free to peruse the syllabus here.