Successful Dissertation Defense!

I passed my dissertation defense on Friday, April 15, 2016!  My dissertation research was an analysis of social activism in women’s professional tennis since the “open” era began in 1968.  The committee that approved this dissertation was comprised of: David Andrews (chair), Patricia Hill Collins (from sociology), Laurie Frederik (from performance studies), Nancy Spencer (from Bowling Green State University), Shannon Jette, and Jennifer Roberts.

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Fall 2015 Teaching Evaluation

Teaching evaluations are in for the course, “Women, Sport and Culture,” that I taught last fall.  I created the entire course and this was my second time teaching it.  My overall teaching evaluation score (3.59) was higher than the departmental averages (3.28) and the university averages (3.32) for faculty and lead instructors during the fall 2015 term.  Of note are the comments that students wrote.  I especially enjoyed reading that students felt comfortable in class discussing what could have been contentious topics.  It’s always important for me to set up the classroom from the start where, for the most part, students can say and ask anything.

Teaching Evaluation Fall 2015You can read the complete evaluation by clicking here.

#1 Most-Read Article for the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport

At some point late in 2015, my article, “Judith Butler Redux — The Heterosexual Matrix and the Out Lesbian Athlete: Amélie Mauresmo, Gender Performance, and Women’s Professional Tennis,” became the #1 most-read article for the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport.  I am so excited!  And I am proud of this little article!  Screenshot 2016-01-13 18.30.48

Publication in The Routledge Handbook of Tennis: History, Culture and Politics

My book chapter, “The Original 9, Women’s Lob Feminism, and the Social Movement That Launched Women’s Professional Tennis, 1968-1973,” will be published in The Routledge Handbook of Tennis: History, Culture and Politics, edited by Stephen Wagg, Carole Osborne, and Rob Lake. The book is scheduled to be published in mid-2017.